Bamping = Basic Camping

Bamping became popular during the Covid years. Millions discovered the happines of simplicity, the exctacy of going back to pure basics. The joy of experiencing raw nature without the seduction of comfort and material stuff. And this is exactly what we offer on high vibe island Ibiza.

Bamping in Ibiza

This pure place breathes a nourishing silence. Long grass bows to you as you walk down the small sandy track into the heart of the valley. There she is suddenly, your bell tent. Center of your universe for the duration of your stay. It’s flanked by another bell tent and the yurt, one terrace up. The small encampment in the wild nature slowly reveals its gifts, is your oasis of peace and reflection in a twisted world. Tall trees rustle like the ocean high above your base camp at night, revealing a firmament of countless bright stars. You are coming home in beauty and an enchanted bliss. All you need is…nothing. Well, just the basics to sleep, cook and shit, and the grace of nature in this unspoiled part of Ibiza.


Double Bell Tent
The double bell tent has 2 single beds on either side and a bed can be placed in the middle space. In this space you’ll also find a table and chairs to hang out.

Single Bell Tent
The single bell tent is the classic one and has a double bed, table and chairs.


Double Bell Tent
3 persons € 100,-
2 persons € 90,-
1 person € 45,-

Single Bell Tent
2 persons € 70,-
1 person € 40,-



To reserve one of our bell tents, contact Marianne.